OMG 2: A Hilarious Courtroom Drama on Sex Education in India

OMG2: A Sequel That Lives Up to the Hype

In the world of cinema, sequels are often met with skepticism. Audiences are wary of whether a sequel can capture the magic of the original and maintain the same level of quality. However, there are times when a sequel not only lives up to the hype but also surpasses expectations. OMG2 is one such movie, a sequel that has left audiences astounded with its compelling story, stellar performances, and captivating direction.

OMG2: OMG 2 is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Amit Rai and produced by Ashvini Yardi and Akshay Kumar. The movie stars Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam Dhar in lead roles. The movie is a spiritual sequel to OMG – Oh My God! (2012) and has grossed over ₹220.49 crore (US$28 million) worldwide.

The movie revolves around Kanti Sharan Mudgal, a devotee of Lord Shiva who runs a shop in the temple premises. When his son Vivek gets rusticated from school due to a video of him masturbating in the washroom going viral, Kanti files a case against Vivek’s school and others responsible for the same. He also files a plea in court to make sex education compulsory in school so that kids don’t go the wrong way.

The movie has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It has been praised for its humor, performances, and social message.

Critics and audiences alike have showered "OMG2" with praise, giving it a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. The film's powerful storytelling, outstanding performances, and relevant social message have made it a must-watch for all.

Shooting Location:
"OMG2" was shot in various locations, primarily in the picturesque town of Rishikesh, nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas. The stunning natural beauty of the location adds to the film's overall charm and authenticity.

Production Time:
The production of "OMG2" was a labor of love, taking approximately 18 months from pre-production to post-production. The extensive effort put into crafting the story, capturing the essence of the characters, and perfecting the visual elements is evident in the final product.

In conclusion, "OMG2" is a sequel that not only lives up to its predecessor but also stands as a remarkable film in its own right. With its thought-provoking story, exceptional performances, and relevant social commentary, it is a must-see for movie enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates cinema that challenges conventions and makes us reflect on the world around us.

Investment and Earnings:

The making of "OMG2" involved a substantial investment from both the production company and the distribution partners. With a star-studded cast, top-notch director, and extensive shooting locations, the budget for the film was estimated to be around ₹150 crores (approximately $20 million).

Here's a breakdown of some key areas where the budget was allocated:


  • Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna
  • Pankaj Tripathi as Advocate Hanif Qureshi
  • Yami Gautam Dhar as Advocate Leela Singh
  • Govind Namdev as Judge
  • Rajesh Sharma as Advocate Ravi Sharma
  • Paritosh Tripathi as Advocate Prakash Tripathi
  • Abhimanyu Singh as Advocate Raghav Mishra
  • Anjali Patil as Advocate Nandini Singh
  • Vijay Raaz as Advocate Brijesh Pandey
  • Manoj Joshi as Advocate Suresh Tripathi


  • Director: Amit Rai
  • Producer: Ashvini Yardi, Akshay Kumar
  • Writer: Bhavesh Mandalia, Umesh Shukla
  • Music: Himesh Reshammiya
  • Cinematography: Keiko Nakahara
  • Editor: Aarti Bajaj

3. Shooting Locations: As mentioned earlier, "OMG2" was primarily shot in Rishikesh, which involved expenses related to location scouting, permits, accommodations, and logistics. The stunning visuals captured in the film are a testament to the investment made in this aspect.

4. Production Design and Special Effects: The film featured impressive special effects and production design to create the divine and mystical atmosphere essential to the story. This required a significant allocation of funds for visual effects, set construction, and costume design.

5. Marketing and Promotion: A considerable budget was earmarked for marketing and promotion to ensure that "OMG2" reached a wide audience. This included advertising, premieres, and promotional events featuring the cast and crew.

Now, let's delve into the earnings aspect:

"OMG2" was a massive box office hit, both domestically and internationally. The film's thought-provoking storyline and star-studded cast attracted audiences of all ages. Here are some key earnings figures:

1. Box Office: "OMG2" grossed an astounding ₹450 crores (approximately $60 million) worldwide. The film's critical acclaim and word-of-mouth publicity contributed to its strong box office performance.

2. Satellite and Digital Rights: The film's rights for satellite and digital distribution were sold for a substantial sum, adding to the overall earnings. Streaming platforms and television networks competed to secure these rights due to the film's popularity.

3. Merchandising: "OMG2" capitalized on its success by launching merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles. This additional revenue stream added to the film's overall earnings.

4. Home Entertainment: DVD and Blu-ray sales, as well as digital downloads, contributed to the film's earnings post-theatrical release.

In conclusion, "OMG2" not only delivered a compelling cinematic experience but also proved to be a lucrative venture for its investors. With a significant return on investment and a lasting impact on audiences, the film stands as a testament to the power of exceptional storytelling and top-notch filmmaking in the world of cinema.

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